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3 gripping advantages

Did you know that ...
… e-cars are simpler, better and easier to accelerate?
… makes one feel lightweight?
… when lifting the accelerator, the car immediately switches to dynamo mode to recuperate an impressing amount of energy back to the battery?

In other words:
After one month in an e-car you start asking yourself how you could have wasted all that precious kinetic energy.

Launches like a rocket, decelerates on its own, and recuperates 80%.

Advantage no. 1

Advantage no. 2

… the most e-cars are preheat and precool able by smartphone apps?
… there is no energy lost except that the car starts heating or cooling 5 minutes earlier?
… this is a priceless gain of comfort?

In other words: You will just love, love, love your e-car only for these features!

Preheat and

precool by app.

Did you know...

… there aren’t many parts on a e-car?
… there is much less maintenance required and therefore almost no service needed?
… there is therefore barely any wear out nor damageable parts?
… therefore your new e-car will easily do 500.000 km and more?

In other words:
You can save tens of thousands of francs on maintenance and fuel every year. It was never so affordable to become an innovator.

Advantage no. 3

Barely maintenance, therefore barely rolling costs.

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