Mistake no. 1: If everybody would drive electric there won't be enough power.

There aren't enough e-charging stations yet.

Mistake no.3: The complete life cycle assesment of e-cars is worse than the one from petrom engine cars.

Mistake no. 4: The range are completely inadequate.

Mistake no. 5: Nobody wants to wait 4 hours at the gas station until the e-car is fully charged

Mistake no. 6: e-cars are too heavy and not efficient.

Mistake no. 7: e-cars are silent and that's dangerous.

Mistake no. 8: Electirc would be cool, but the technology is not ready yet and too expensive.

Mistake no. 9: Hybrid-cars are more convinient because you still can drive them with petrol.

Mistake no. 10: ... a car needs a cool sound.